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Indigo Azulejo Pareô

Indigo Azulejo Pareô

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Aragem Rio is a Carioca art studio specialized in creating exclusive prints,inspired by Brazilian nature and culture. Entirely handmade, using different painting techniques, such as watercolor, charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint and nanquim ink.

Aragem Rio has a line of pareôs, which is a more sophisticated version of the traditional beach canga. The pareô can be used in many ways, as skirts, scarfs or dresses, and also, of course, lying on the sand at a beach or pool side. 

It’s the perfect piece to represent Rio de Janeiro and the Cariocas lifestyle. That woman who goes from the beach to a fine restaurant with a pareô tied as a dress on her body, in a unique unpretentious way full of elegance. Our pareôs are genuinely Brazilian pieces, which also fits perfectly on any beach in the world.


Composição: 100% viscose

Tamanho: 1.85x1.20m

Made in Brazil


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